About Us

Greetings to all!

We are fully open! Please call, appointments are by appointment and will continue to be that way. We ask that you are patient and we will call you for questions about an appointment.

Our hours of Operation will be based on our youth shooting activities.  We will need time allowed for us some extra time to clean the facility at the beginning and end of the day.  These hours will be subject to change depending on customer traffic and demand.

We have all of our lanes on the Range open.  Our new 2 story shooting stations are ready along with the club house. We will have disinfectant available for use. We will clean the area before and after the shooting. We ask that our customers please bring their own eye and hearing protection.  We do have a very good selection of reasonably priced eye and hearing protection for purchase. Also we have quite a selection of guns to rent.

We will do our very best to continue providing our patrons exceptional customer service.  We truly appreciate your patience and look forward to seeing everyone soon!

Youth Outdoors is a non-profit organization and Michigan’s Thumb premier youth program which introduces, grows, supports, and educates youth, and their families to firearm safety, shooting sports and wildlife conservation and habitat.


Our Mission

Youth Outdoors is always working to develop, grow, and support the youth, shooting sports, and educate youth and their families about safe firearm handling, shooting sports, and outdoor conservation and other outdoor activities.





Youth Outdoors is dedicated to educating youth about shooting safety and activities.  Establishing youth safety allows each child to grow and adjust their needs as they see fit. 



Today’s youth are the future of America. It is important that our youth and their families be exposed to and develop an understanding of responsibility to the outdoors. We  provide events that showcase safety of equipment, and outdoor activities in a fun filled atmosphere. Youth Outdoors will ensure the transformation and educational potential of student athletes. They have the  opportunity to practice and compete on a level playing field. We are committed that those athletic opportunities involve new skills, developing individual goals, planning, potential, and fostering an appreciation of collaboration and teamwork in the competitive arena of athletics. Our member athletes are students first, and foremost.

Youth Outdoors strives to develop training and shooting experience to encourage our children to develop camaraderie, practice habits of mind and body that encourage healthy living, and learn valuable life lessons.  

Our youth are students first and shooters second. We hope that the shooting activity will teach respect for others, sportsmanship, competition, teamwork, perseverance, and leadership. The priority of Youth Outdoors is to develop our children for character,  and transform them by their experience in outdoor shooting activities, then transfer the lessons they learned to lives of service to others and their community.

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